transport of cosmetics

If you are a professional driver, you spend your whole day transporting different kinds of products. Sometimes is building material, and sometimes cosmetics. Since I joined cosmetics company as a professional driver, I spend my time transporting different kinds of cosmetic products, most often from distribution center, to different shopping malls and perfumeries. It is an interesting job. Who would even know how many different types of cosmetic products there are? For men, it is inconceivable; how much of cosmetics for beautification a woman needs? Nevertheless, it is definitely nice to see a woman properly using different cosmetic products and looking nice after.

Different kinds of cosmetic products require different packaging, storing and transporting. For me, it is nicest to see that the products are tightly packed into boxes, so the transporting can be done reliably and correctly, without taking care of the condition of the products in the cargo space. I find it much easier to transport certain types of products, such as clarifying shampoo, if comparing it to perfumes. When I got clarifying shmapoo to transport I had no idea what it was, but I did google it, and foundgreat site with them, back to the story. There are few reasons: shampoo is packaged very good so it doesn’t matter which in position is it while transporting, shampoo bottles are the same size and they can be put into boxes all in the same time, safety plugs on the shampoo packages are attached good and that’s why I know a shampoo will not spill. In addition, shampoo bottles are shock resistant and the shaking, which happens because of the damages on the road, does not affect them.

On the other hand, perfumes, make-up and other easy-to-break products are often causing problems. Glass bottles of perfumes must be packaged very safely and they need to be additionally secured so they cannot break during the drive. It happens frequently when the van is driven on a damaged road. In addition, perfume boxes are bigger and whole packaging requires more space. It limits the amount of goods I can transport – it means I will have to drive glass products for few times, which extends the delivery. Big amount of shampoo bottles can be transported all in once. Also, when a glass bottle breaks, cargo space smells for weeks. It is bad because the smell spreads to other goods that is transported. I do not even want to mention cleansing the space. When driving shampoos, there are no such difficulties because plastic packages cannot break that easily so the outpouring the shampoo into the cargo space isn’t possible.

All listed features of shampoo bottles are a big advantage while transporting compared to the perfume bottles. I truly hope there will be more chances for driving shampoos, which are always really needed. It makes my transport reliable and on time and all because of the packaging.

usual day

The alarm clock rang at 4am. While Eve, my wife, just tuned in, I had to boot from a warm bed and go into the winter night. I brushed my teeth and in my ears was playing my favorite rock a song that always wake me  up. Benny, our golden retriever, under the eye greeted me and went back to a warm furnace. I’m coming out. The cold pierces me through every available inch of skin unprotected by clothing. I’m going to truck, my home on wheels. I’m thinking about today’s route I have to run. If it does not wind, there will not be a problem. Besides, I’ve already driven a hundred times to this destination. I’m going to Peter, manufacturer of metals, who sends  his products on the shelves of many stores. We are going to the city.

I turned on the radio. From it comes the voice of still sleepy presenter which is obviously difficult dragged at her workplace. Her voice echoes the desire for a pillow. And my first girlfriend was a radio personality. However, the small local radio with 300 listeners, but was considered like a big star. Therefore she moved to another town, looking for fame. I  always remember her when I am approaching the toll booths. Thankfully, the mess is not yet created. In fact, who travel to the sea on Tuesday morning in the middle of January ? Just truckers. Maybe the occasional stray tourist skiing. The radio reported that is a strong wind. Well, nothing of the highway! I should have thinking!

I turn to the old road. On second thought, it was not so bad. Our friends are probably already open their tavern. Amid the white spots and howling wind,I barely come to an old friends, family who for 20 years lived exclusively of tourism. Familiar face greeted me, my friend Douglas. He give me hot coffee and preparing me a real breakfast. Of course, it would not be a real visit to friends that I  do not go behind the house where is little shelter for two bears that Peter Douglas’ son, rescued from poachers. They were so accustomed to life outside of wilderness that they do not even know what it is hibernating. The bite that I barely escaped certainly confirms that they are indeed awake.

The wind calmed down and I move on to the city. This road is always crowded, it seems that these people never sleep and it is just eight hours in the morning. In front of the shopping center, nervous Mike greeted me. Mike and I have known each other five years, since I am driving in the city. Although he was grim because I late, 2 liters of white wine, which I brought him from my father in law, immediately repaired the situation. There is nothing that good wine will not solve, haha! After touring the store and finishing my work, I finally sit in a warm cafe. What is doing now my wife Eve? Surely she has been greeted our daughter in kindergarten. They do not going out of my mind during the entire ride home. Finnaly, I come home, and  my daughter  is running to me and loudly asked: Dad, Dad, will you show me again your truck? What did you do today? Who did you all meet? Was there a lot of snow? Have you seen any snowmen? Although the truck, so to speak, my another home, only now I feel that I am really at home, when this little brown eyes looking at me and waiting for stories from the trip.